TransLink GTFS Real-Time Feed

About this Service

This service exposes real-time transit information for vehicles equipped with real-time tracking technology on the TransLink network.

License & support

Data provided by this service is licensed under the Creative Commons (CC-BY) license. More information regarding this license, your support options and other available datasets can be found on TransLink's open data portal

Authentication is not required to use this data feed.

Accessing the feed

Data is returned in General Transit Feed Specification - Realtime (GTFS Realtime) v2.0 format, encoded in Google's Protobuf format, as per the GTFS real-time specification. The TransLink implementation of GTFS-RT v2 is based on this gtfs-realtime.proto version protobuf definition.

Please Note: The TransLink legacy GTFS-RT v1.0 Feed is being deprecated. Please update to the new v2.0 format below before 31 March 2021.

Region GTFS Schedules GTFS-RT GTFS-RT Individual Files
South East QLD Dataset   SEQ Complete SEQ Trip Updates  SEQ Vehicle Positions  SEQ Alerts
Cairns Dataset   CNS Complete CNS Trip Updates  CNS Vehicle Positions  CNS Alerts
North Stradbroke Island Dataset   NSI Complete NSI Trip Updates  NSI Vehicle Positions  NSI Alerts
Maryborough Hervey Bay Dataset   MHB Complete MHB Trip Updates  MHB Vehicle Positions  MHB Alerts
Bowen Dataset   BOW Complete BOW Trip Updates  BOW Vehicle Positions  BOW Alerts
Innisfail Dataset   INN Complete INN Trip Updates  INN Vehicle Positions  INN Alerts